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Clients & Projects: Video Production & Post-Production


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Client: HGTV
Director of Photography: Small Space - Big Style.

Client: Animal Planet
Director of Photography: Animal Witness - New series on Animal Planet.

Client: The Weather Channel
Director of Photography: Interstitial commercials focusing on health.

Client: SAIC
Director of Photography: Various Documentaries

Client: Ledios
Director of Photography: Biomedical Research Projects

Client: National Dairy Board
Director of Photography: Senator Bob Dole for "The Power of Cheese" ad series.

Client: General Conference
Director/Producer: International Documentaries

Client: Atlantic Union College
Director of Photography: Promotional video, concert video.

Client: North American Division
Edited television series for Christmas in Harlem entitled, "The Greatest Gift".

Client: Loudoun County, Virginia
Director/Producer: Social Services success stories "Making a Difference".

Clients & Projects: Print & Web

website designwebsite designwebsite design

Client: Living Faith Fellowship

Work Completed: Website Design & Location Photography, Corporate Identity

Client: Apex Building Corporation

Work Completed: Website Design & Location Photography, Corporate Identity

Client: The Treehouse School

Work Completed: Website Design

Client: Columbia Union Conference
Work Completed: Magazine Design, Exterior Parking Lot Banners

Client: General Conference Auditing Services
Work Completed: Trade Show Exhibit Booth & Support Materials

Client: Mark Di Pinto
Work Completed: CD Tray, Cover and CD Face "Live in Concert"