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Video Production & Post
Print & Website Design

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Rates - Custom Quotes Available on Request - See Video Demo Reel Here.


Camera Package (SD) with operator $1,000/day or $4500/5 day wk
Camera Package (HD) with operator $1,200/day or $5000/5 day wk
Production assistant $60/hr or $480/day or $2,000/wk

Audio Package: Includes 2 channels of wireless lapel, mixer and boom mic $125/day
Lighting Package: Includes Minimum 4 light heads, stands, softbox, ext cords, dimmers $150/day

Post Production

Non-Linear Editing w/editor $150/hr or $1,000/day
Research and Scriptwriting $75/hr
Computer Animated Graphics $90/hr
Graphic Design $90/hr
Web Design $90/hr
Licensed Production Music $50/cut
DVD Authoring $90/hr
Language Translations We can translate your project into all commonly used languages.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design $90/hr
Web Design $90/hr
Still Photography $90/hr

Rates Subject to Change